Charlotte Høncke
Born 1974, lives and works in Aarhus, Denmark

Charlotte graduated as Industrial Designer from the Danish School of Architecture in 2002, but soon discovered that furniture design was her passion. She quickly gained experience and recognition within this category through her employment with other well-known Danish designers. She founded her own studio in Aarhus in 2010. Here, Charlotte designs furniture, lamps and related products, mainly for the home. She has a special talent for combining functionality and aestetics with small fascinating details so her design surprises and sparks curiosity.

“I always have a clear basic idea that is the starting point for the design, such as the theme “winged sofa”. Usually the form is very pure and simple, while I take a playful approach to details with elements such as stitching, buttons, etc. I also like to exaggerate or understate forms, such as the Liva armchair’s large wings, or the large buttons on the Vita sofa. There must be some details that make the furniture stand out. My furniture can be unpretentiously cosy and humorous.